Flamenco Tablao in Granada

tablao-flamenco-en-granadaEnjoy in the Flamenco Tablao in Granada Cueva La Rocio

If you live or visit Granada and want to enjoy an authentic flamenco tablao in Granada, you can´t miss La Cueva la Rocío.

Enjoy our authentic Flamenco Show in Granada at Cueva la Rocío, located in the emblematic Sacromonte, under the management of the Maya Family, one of the main dynasties in the Flamenco world. Our shows are special due not only to our friendly and familiar atmosphere but also to our prefessional work.

During the show, excellent artists dance and sign in the centro of the cave while we have the opportunity to sit down around them and take an active part on the festival.

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Flamenco show in FlamencoTablao in Granada Cueva la Rocío

tablao-flamenco-en-granada-sacromonteThe Flamenco Show in Granada is produced by the prestigious dancer and choreographer, Juan Andrés Maya, and it brings together a number of well-known artists in the Flamenco world.

The show involves two parts, the first half delivers the representation of a ‘gypsy wedding’. The second act shows a more aesthetic and modern Flamenco, with stronger strokes, and ending with our “rumba” when all our customers are invited to join in.

The duration of the show is about 1 hours during which we will be able to experience this tribute to these typical dances originated in the Sacromonte.

Flamenco in Granada

flamenco-en-granada.-Cueva-la-RocioEnjoy our authentic Flamenco Tablao in Granada at Cueva la Rocío. During all these years, the Maya family has managed to retain the Zambra and its authenticity, in the same way it used to be back in the old days.

La Zambra was a flamenco festival, which occurred in the Sacromonte caves Granada, where gypsies lived and where day to day routines took place. These flamenco show would come about spontaneously in the shared lounges of the cave. Suddenly, the family would come together with their flamenco music and dance attracting the attention of any passerby.

Sacromonte is the birthplace for “jondura” and “duende”. The “Zambra” was also originated in the Sacromonte back in the 16th Century. It is a flamenco festival, which revives the moorish nuptial rituals of the city, which has been preserved by the Maya family retaining its authenticity over the years.

flamenco in Granada the artists performingIt is possible to have dinner at our restaurant without visiting the show, however, if you are interested in both, we can offer a discounted package including a dinner menu, which will be served 90 minutes ahead of the Zambra show time. For groups, we are also able to provide both dinner and Zambra at the same time.

Different options to enjoy in the flamenco tablao in Granada Cueva la Rocío

Flamenco Show in Cueva la Rocio with drink included

Flamenco show in Cueva la Rocio with dinner included
Dinner consists of typical dishes from Granada. You will be able to enjoy your dinner in the flamenco restaurant cave or in the terrace during Spring and Summer seasons.

You can include pick up and also a visit to the Albaicin. This historic arabic quarter is well known for retaining its narrow winding streets and wide squares of its Medievan Moorish past. You can capture wonderful panoramic views of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada in every step of the way.

If you have any questions or problems when making your reservation, please do not hesitate calling us in following numbers: +34 958 22 71 29 / 659 11 51 87