Cueva de la Rocío
Sacromonte Caves

La Cueva de la Rocio is a “Zambra Flamenca” located in the Sacromonte and managed by the Maya family, well known in Granada for its great tradition and for producing some of the greatest Flamenco artists in Spain. Get immerse in the most authentic and traditional Sacromonte… Come to visit us!



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Sacromonte Caves Granada – La Rocío


La Rocío was one of the first Gipsy Caves in the Sacromonte quarter. It was founded by Mr. Andrés Maya Fajardo and Mrs. Rocío Fernández Bustamante in 1951. Nowadays La Rocío remains being managed by the Maya Family, one of the main dynasties in the Flamenco world.

the Maya family

During all these years, the Maya family has managed to retain the Zambra and its authenticity, in the same way it used to be back in the old days. La Zambra was a flamenco festival, which occurred in the caves, where gypsies lived and where day to day routines took place. These flamenco show would come about spontaneously in the shared lounges of the cave. Suddenly, the family would come together with their flamenco music and dance attracting the attention of any passerby. Soon this famliar festival was happening without any organisation. There was no need for a stage, just a circle of people with the artists performing inside. 

Today and thanks to Francisco Heredia Maya, one of the Maya Family main leaders, we can continue enjoying this authentic flamenco show in the Sacromonte Caves Granada. During the show, excellent artists dance and sign in the centro of the cave while we have the opportunity to sit down around them and take an active part on the festival. In addition to preserving this tradition, the Maya Family are a reference in the Flamenco world, with Juan Andrés Maya, Artistic Director of this show, delights us with his work. His choreographies mix the more traditional flavor of Flamenco in the first part of the show called ‘La Boda’ (The Wedding) with the more Avant-garde flamenco in the second part called ‘Granada’. The group of artists also counts with a number of members of the Familia Maya. 




The Cave

La Rocio includes two different caves where the Flamenco show take place every night. In addition la Rocío has a third cave which has been turned into a traditional flamenc restaurant where to enjoy traditional tapas and home made dishes and an ample terrace with fantastic views to the Alhambra and Generalife.

La Rocio is different to other caves not only in the quality of the flamenco shows but also in friendly and familiar atmosphere. The professionalism of our staff has been recognised by a number of awards such as “Prestigio Turístico 2010”.

Our celebrity friends…
In the past few years, we have had the pleasure of hosing a number of celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, or King and Queen Juan Carlos and Sofía. We often get spontaneous celebrity visit, which you can see, in our Facebook page.

Escpectáculo flamenco con consumición en cueva de la rocio

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el mejor espectaculo flamenco de granada la zambra en la cueva de la rocio

Show + dinner + transfer + touristic visit

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